Programme Highlights

Intensive Care

Adri Kok (Alberton, South Africa) - Antibiotic management and stewardship in the Intensive care unit
Bernd W. Böttiger (Köln, Germany) - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 2023 - The BIG FIVE et al.


Chair: Michal Kršek (Prague, Czech Republic)

Jens Bollerslev (Oslo, Norway) - Primary hyperparathyroidism
Martin Reincke (Munich, Germany) - Should all patients with hypertension be screened for primary aldosteronism? New answers to an old question.
Michal Kršek (Prague, Czech Republic) - Management of adrenal incidentaloma-an update


Chair: Jean-Charles Fruchart (Lille, France)

Michel Hermans (Brussels, Belgium) - What does it mean „Residual Risk“
Alberto Zambon (Padova, Italy) - How to manage atherogenic/diabetic DLP


Chair: Jan Václavík (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Emma Gans (Groningen, Netherlands) - A Tailored Approach to Care for Patients with Multiple Long-Term Conditions – insights from international guidelines
Máximo Bernabeu-Wittel (Sevilla, Spain) - Innovative strategies in managing drugs and polypharmacy in patients with multimorbidity.
Jan Václavík (Ostrava, Czech Republic) - Case based learning: How to rationalize pharmacotherapy of a multimorbid senior inpatient?

Jan Václavík - Invitation to the Multimorbidity section


Chair: Milan Lukáš (Czech Republic)

Peter Malfertheiner (Germany) - Efficacy and safety of proton pump inhibitors in clinical practice
Antonio Gasbarrini (Italy) - A role of microbiome based therapies in the gastrointestinal disorders
Milan Lukáš (Czech Republic) - Innovative therapy in IBD: focus on biologicals and small molecules

Improving treatment adherence – a new cornerstone in the treatment of arterial hypertension (prepared in collaboration with ESH Working group on lifestyle, cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and adherence)

Chair: Jan Václavík (Czech Republic)

Michel Burnier (Lausanne, Switzerland) - How to manage non-adherence in everyday practice?
Eva Kociánová (Olomouc, Czech Republic) - A practical approach to assessment of non-adherence to antihypertensive treatment
Aleksander Prejbisz (Warszawa, Poland) - Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension - how to effectively convince the patient to comply?

Hypertension - endorsed by ESH

Chair: Jiří Widimský (Prague, Czech Republic)

Andrzej Januszewicz (Poland) - Atherosclerotic renovascular disease
Thomas Weber (Austria) - Renal denervation in resistant hypertension: experience from specialised centre
Jiří Widimský (Prague, Czech Republic) - Combination therapy in difficult to treat hypertension


Chair: Jiří Widimský (Prague, Czech Republic)

Jiří Widimský (Prague, Czech Republic) - Hypertension and stroke
Sandor Nardai (Hungary) - Interventional treatment of acute ischemic stroke
Petr Widimský (Prague, Czech Republic) - Atrial fibrillation and stroke

Jiří Widimský - Invitation to the Hypertension - endorsed by ESH section and Stroke section

Hot topics in the treatment of obesity

Chair: Martin Haluzík (Prague, Czech Republic)

Martin Haluzík (Prague, Czech Republic) - Pharmacological treatment of obesity: current option and future possibilities
Dimitri Pournaras (Bristol, United Kingdom) - Bariatric surgery in the treatment of obesity: what are the options?


Chair: Vladimír Tesař (Prague, Czech Republic)

Virginia L. Hood (USA) - Preventing recurrence of kidney stones: patients need an internist’s perspective
Christoph Wanner (Germany) - Recent progress in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease
Vladimír Tesař (Prague, Czech Republic) - Emerging modes of treatment in IgA nephropathy

Pneumology - What is new in respiratory diseases

Chair: Martina Koziar Vašáková (Prague, Czech Republic)

Joanna Chorostowska Wynimko (Warsaw, Poland) - Update in lung cancer. Lung cancer screening in EU.
Luca Richeldi (Roma, Italy) - Progressive pulmonary fibrosis- many diseases with the same result?
Vladimír Koblížek (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic) - Chronic obstructive lung diseases. Is it one or more diseases?


Chair: Jan Škrha (Prague, Czech Republic)

Manfredi Rizzo (Palermo, Italy) - Modern treatment of T2 diabetes
Michael Roden (Düsseldorf, Germany) - New classification of diabetes
Jan Škrha (Prague, Czech Republic) - Hypoglycemia in people without diabetes

Internal Medicine together with MIRCIM

Chair: Zdeněk Monhart (Prague, Czech Republic)

Roman Jaeschke (Hamilton, Canada) - Use of non-invasive respiratory support in hospital
Martin Matějovič (Pilsen, Czech Republic) - Intravenous fluid management in acutely ill patients 
Wojciech Szczeklik (Krakow, Poland) - The differences in treating very old patients on intensive care

Tobacco/nicotine use in clinical practice 

Chair: Eva Králíková (Prague, Czech Republic)

Ivana Croghan/Ryan Hurt (Rochester, USA) - Intervention to smokers - a standard part of medical care (online)
Peter Hajek (London, Great Britain) - Nicotine: a poison or medication?
Eva Králíková (Prague, Czech Republic) - Basic facts about smoking in general medicine

Polyvascular patients in internal medicine

Chair: Debora Karetová (Prague, Czech Republic)

Lucie Mazzolai (Lausanne, Switzerland) - Exercise and diet (lifestyle) in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis
Juraj Madarič (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) -  How should we treat carotid artery stenosis?
Debora Karetová (Prague, Czech Republic) - Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) – when to screen and treat

Cardiology I – Arrhythmology

Chair: Josef Kautzner (Prague, Czech Republic)

Piotr Kulakowski (Warsaw, Poland) - Cardioneuroablation: a novel therapy for recurrent neurocardiogenic syncope
Gian-Battista Chierchia (Brussels, Belgium) -  Pulse field ablation: have we found a holy grail?
Josef Kautzner (Prague, Czech Republic) - Catheter ablation of ventricular arrhythmias: still underused treatment modality

Laboratory diagnostics for internists I
Cooperation with Czech Society of Clinical Biochemistry

Chair: Tomáš Zima (Prague, Czech Republic)

Tomáš Zima, Drahomíra Springer (Prague, Czech) – Tumor markers – using in the general practice
Damien Gruson (Bruxelles, Belgium) – Cardiac markers
Martin Matějovič (Pilsen, Czech Republic) - Laboratory diagnostic and monitoring the sepsis

Laboratory diagnostics for internists II
Cooperation with European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Chair: Tomáš Zima (Prague, Czech Republic)

Etienne Cavalier (Liege, Belgium) – Laboratory parameters of kidney diseases
David Friedecký (Olomouc, Berlgium) –New advanced techniques in laboratory medicine
Mario Plebani (Padova, Italy) - Laboratory medicine – Point of care testing (POCT) vs. laboratories

Hot topics in Internal Medicine

Chair: Ally Prebtani, Menno Huisman

A.P.H. Prebtani (Hamilton, Canada) – Hypontremia
M. Huisman (Leiden, Netherlands) – New anticoagulants in the thrombosis arena – are factor XI inhibitos moving us forward in the right direction?
P. Lansberg (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Modern treatment of HLP


J. Kolbe (Aucklandf, New Zealand) – Modern management of bronchiectasis
S.D. Sisson (Baltimore, USA) – TBD


Q.T. Islam (Dhaka, Bangladesh) – Emergencies in Dengue Syndrome
A.C. Cejudo (Mexico City, Mexico) – Inflammatory process and the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases

Rare Diseases

Chairs: B. Akinci, A. Linhart

B. Akinci (Izmir, Turkey) - Lipodystrophy
A. Linhart (Prague, Czech Republic) - TBD
R. Ceska (Prague, Czech Republic) - HLP as rare diseases


L. Tokgözoğlu (Ankara, Turkey) - TBD
A. Zambon (Padua, Italy) - Lipids
K. Narkiewicz (Gdansk, Poland) - Hypertension and obesity
R. Češka (Prague, Czech Republic) - General discussion

Internal Medicine

P. Kardas (Lodz,Poland) - How can the digital medicine help in better patient adherence?
M. Adamiak-Kardas (Lodz, Poland) -  What sort of aesthetic medicine complications could you see in the Emergency Department?

Choosing Wisely

Chairs: I. Lazúrová, D. Rakušan

Ludovico Furlan (Milan, Italy) - Choosing Wisely in clinical practice: Embracing critical thinking      
Ivica Lazúrová (Košice, Slovakia) - Choosing wisely in endocrinology - what should we reduce?
Jiří Cyrany (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic) - Wise cancer screening and pharmacotherapy in gastroenterology